Alan Martin

Shipping & Receiving Clerk

Alan Martin said he has experienced much pleasure and pride during his 15 years as a Shipping & Receiving Clerk at Fire Rock Navajo Casino.

Martin takes pride in being named Employee of the Month and receiving his ADOT Badge, but he said he particularly enjoys working with his fellow employees.

“There are such a lot of good people who work in Navajo Gaming,” he said. “I’ve learned from them how to be well organized and how to get along with people.”

Martin’s maternal clan is Coyote Pass and his paternal clan is Red House. His grandfather’s clan is Near the Water and his father’s father’s clan is Bitter Water.

He spent some time away from the reservation, living in Tempe and Florida, but is now glad to be back on the reservation.

“It’s good to be back,” Martin said. “I plan to stay here so I can help my mom and my grandma.”

He said he would recommend working for Navajo Gaming to others.

“If they are just starting, I’d tell them to be on time, do your job, and just keep going/showing up,” Martin said.
“I’d like to thank Navajo Gaming for everything they’ve given me over the last 15 years,” he said.