Shylah Martin

Gift Shop Supervisor

Gift Shop Supervisor Shylah Martin is proud to have worked for Navajo Gaming for 15 years.

“Congratulations to all my other teammates who share this 15-year achievement with me,” Martin said. “I’m very grateful/thankful for this job that has allowed me to provide for my family. Time flew, it doesn’t seem like 15 years at all.”

Martin started with Navajo Gaming as a Gift Shop Clerk, working her way up to Gift Shop Supervisor. She said she grew with the company and learned a lot from her former marketing manager.

“I think this job matured me a lot and made me work towards reaching my goals,” she said.

Martin said she enjoys receiving 10 hours PTO every pay period, the incentives, health benefits, training, and the fun atmosphere in Marketing.

“I can spend time with my son, family, and friends with this job,” she said. “I like to camp, travel, and watch high school basketball. I’m very thankful for this job.”