Aletta Joe

Cage Manager

Aletta Joe, Cage Manager for Fire Rock Navajo Gaming, takes pride in moving up in her department over the past 15 years.

“Because of my hard work and dedication, this has become more than a job,” Joe said. “It has become my career.”

Joe’s maternal clan is Red Running into Water, born for the Red Bottom People.

She grew up in Gallup, New Mexico, and enjoyed running track and cross country during high school. Joe is currently taking college courses and plans to use her newly gained knowledge in her gaming career. Her favorite hobby today is riding her motorcycle.

Joe began her job with Navajo Gaming in 2008.

“After moving back from southern California in 2008, I was elated to find out a casino planned to open in my hometown,” she said. “I saw flyers for a Navajo Gaming job fair, with on-the-spot interviews, so I applied and was hired as a cage cashier.”

She has been in her department since 2008, working as a cashier, vault cashier, cage supervisor, and now cage manager. Joe said she worked hard to overcome the challenges of maintaining her job, schooling, and home life.

“To this day, I am still in the same department, but I love working with money and very much enjoy being a part of finance,” Joe said. “Navajo Gaming has taught me a lot about hospitality, gaming regulations, and our Diné foundation.”

Joe said she had a group of individuals who helped her throughout the years, plus the training offered by NNGE helped her handle tough situations and become a good leader.

“These team members are the reason for me wanting to continue my career in gaming,” she said. “We have a common ground and help each other in any way we can.”

Her advice for anyone just starting with Navajo Gaming is to be patient, work hard, and be dedicated.

“I would like to congratulate all my fellow team members who have made it this far,” Joe said. “It did not come easy at times, but I want to say, ‘We made it, Congratulations!’”