Thelda Begay

Players Club Supervisor, Fire Rock Casino

Players Club Supervisor Thelda Begay, an employee for 15 years at Navajo Gaming, has the following advice for anyone just starting at Navajo Gaming or any comparable job.

“Be passionate about the job, have strong communication skills, and have confidence in yourself and your work,” she said. “It’s important to be reliable and be a team player. Whether you work directly with guests or behind the scenes, collaboration is essential.”

Begay was raised in the community of Fort Wingate and is Tsi’naajinii (Black Streak Wood People) born for the Naakai dine’e (The Mexican People). Her paternal grandfather is Ta’baahi (Water Edge) and her maternal grandfather is Ta’chii’nii (Red Running into the water).

Her first job experience was working during the summer at a country club in Gallup. For that job and future jobs, she found her skills in communication, reading, writing and mathematics helpful.

At Navajo Gaming, Begay began as a Players Club Representative and learned leadership and team player skills. She said she considers Gloria West a mentor.

“When I first became a Players Club Supervisor, she was encouraging and motivated me in the position I fulfill,” Begay said. “I also consider Gloriann Tom as a positive mentor who is currently a Players Club Manager who supports my leadership skills and ongoing professional development qualifications.”

Her biggest challenge was becoming accustomed to the Diné language. She said she benefited from the training offered through Navajo Gaming which has helped her professionally in her position.

Begay, who resides within the vicinity of McKinley County, said she likes to spend time with her family and take adventurous trips in her spare time.