In cooperation and support of the guidance provided by health officials in Arizona, New Mexico and the Navajo Nation we have taken a number of extraordinary measures to maximize the health and safety of all concerned. Our properties have undergone deep cleaning and sanitizing multiple times, our team members have been sheltered at home with full pay and benefits, and we have revised operating procedures to deal with the realities of COVID-19.

Of primary note is a reduction to 50% max occupancy on the casino floor, hotel and restaurants.  To support social distancing, we have physically turned off every other slot machine and taken out the extra chairs (and/or installed plexiglass dividers), and will only allow a maximum of three players to play at any table game. Additionally, plexiglass barriers have been erected at “transaction” locations such as cashier, restaurant host, hotel front desk, player’s club, and admin work spaces.

To further enhance your safety, we have a number of on-going initiatives in place.

  • Air filtration system enhanced with M13 filters, max air exchange with outside air, and much more frequent filter replacement.
  • A 60-Second sanitization standard wherever guests leave a slot machine.
  • Greatly expanded number of touchless hand sanitizers.
  • Wall-mounted sanitizers at restroom exits, disabled air-blower hand dryers in restrooms, and every-other stall now placed out of service.
  • Sanitizing floor mats at point of entry.


Guest Safety
Facility Safety
Team Member Safety