Navajo Gaming Working Hard for Our Guests and Team Members Safety

The Enterprise has experienced NO outbreaks or clusters of exposures – ALL positive Team Member tests and exposures have been contact-traced to holiday/family/social gatherings and were immediately handled in accordance with Enterprise’s Workplace Safety Plan requirements. The NNGE continues to maintain the most comprehensive COVID-19 safety protocols to be found anywhere.
The casinos continue to enhance and follow the Enterprise’s Workplace Safety Plan without exception which includes comprehensive COVID-19 safety protocols and exhaustive contact tracing. Compliance with the Workplace Safety Plan is also independently monitored by the Navajo Nation’s Health Command Operations Center (HCOC) Team including Members of Navajo Nation Risk Management and the Navajo Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
The Enterprise also completed the installation of ActivePure Air Cleansing technology at all of its facilities – we engaged a third party environmental sciences firm to perform pre and post-installation internal air quality testing in order to gauge the incremental benefit of the ActivePure System. The testing authenticated that there is significant eradication of fungi, viral cells and other particulates by the system resulting in air that is materially cleaner and safer INSIDE NNGE casinos than is found OUTSIDE.
Here are some additional data points:
The Enterprise continues to retain AB Healthcare, an independent medical services provider, to perform ALL Team Member testing, screening and reporting at each casino facility during ALL hours of operations;

88% of NNGE Team Members are fully vaccinated;

All mask wearing, social distancing and surface cleaning mandates remain in effect;
We continue to retest vaccinated Team Members every two weeks and unvaccinated Team Members every week;
We continue to place Team Members on 10-day isolation for positive test results and 14-day quarantine for reported exposures;

Our Hotel and Food & Beverage Operations remain open at a 50% capacity with all social distancing requirements continuing to observed;

All patrons continue to submit to temperature testing and screening upon entry – their name and personal contact information also continues to be recorded via a handheld computer device which creates a database for contact tracing purposes, and all larger group gatherings continue to be suspended.