Michelle Jarvison

Slot Supervisor

Michelle Jarvison, Slot Supervisor for Fire Rock Navajo Gaming, said she has had an excellent experience working at Navajo Gaming.

“In the past 15 years, I have met and worked with many wonderful people,” she said.

Jarvison’s maternal clan is Naakai Dine’e people (Mexican clan) and her paternal clan is Kinyaa’aanii (Towering House clan).

Her first job was with the slot department, working in the gift shop.

“I was interviewed by Ray Etsitty,” Jarvison said. “He told me I would make a good slot attendant. I had no idea what a slot attendant was at the time. I was just excited to get hired, so it didn’t matter. I worked as a slot attendant for 5 years under former slot directors Paul Hamm and Derrick Yazzie.”

She then was chosen for the position of slot technician, working for three years as a slot technician and PM tech.

“I had learned a great deal about slot machines, through my former slot tech supervisor, Raysha Plummer, who also encouraged me to apply for Slot Supervisor,” said Jarvison, who now works in that position.

Jarvison appreciates her excellent experience with the company.

“I have made some lifetime friends, and I wish to continue to work with Navajo Gaming.”