Gloriann Tom

Players Club Manager

For Players Club Manager Gloriann Tom, there’s never a dull moment working for Navajo Gaming. She’s been with the company for 15 years. She began working with a job in the Navajo Nation Youth Program at age 14.

As an adult, she worked at Fire Rock Casino when it was unfinished, so she trained offsite. Her first position was a Players Club Representative, then she advanced to a Players Club Supervisor, a Casino Host and ultimately, a Players Club Manager.

“At the end of each day, I say to myself, ‘How did we do it?’” Tom said. “Lol, there are times we have to make it work or make it enough. Overall, just getting things done each day is something to be proud of, knowing I had fun and gave it 150%.”

Tom grew up in Lupton, Arizona. Her maternal clan is Ta baa ha (Water Edge) and her paternal clan is Tse na ba hil nii (Sleeping Rock).

“Upon birth, my parents hoped for a boy so when I was born the nurse named me since my parents did not have a name for a girl,” she said.

Her advice to someone striving to reach a 15-year milestone with their company is to stay flexible, be creative, and have a sense of humor.

“Always have a positive attitude,” she advised. “There are things that you cannot change or fix. Keep showing up every day and don’t let the bad times kill your vibe.”

Throughout the years, the biggest challenge she has overcome has been keeping up with the gaming industry’s software and hardware systems and being short-staffed. But for Tom, the positives outweigh the negatives.

“The number one benefit is working close to my home,” she said. “Then, working with other Native employees and just part of being one of the first Navajo Casino (Fire Rock Navajo Casino) employees is fantastic.”

In her spare time, Tom enjoys traveling, sewing, and trying new cuisines, movies, and Navajo jewelry.
She said throughout the years, she has experienced a lot.

“I’d just like to thank all the leaders who taught me, gave me a chance, and to NNGE for investing in me. Thank you!”