Dear Valued Guests,

Yá’át’ééh! At Navajo Gaming the well-being of our guests, team members and communities continues to be our priority. With the full re-opening of all four of our casino properties, we want to thank you for your patience and assure you that we continue to take steps to provide a trusted space in which you can enjoy the same fun environment that you have come to expect, with the same friendly service you deserve.

We want to take this opportunity to acknowledge that there are still changes in how we operate, and we want you to be aware of them.

Safety Plan

Optional Mask-Wearing

The wearing of masks at/within NNGE casinos is optional, effective immediately. Each Team Member and Guest is able to make their own personal choice to wear or not wear a mask. The NNGE casinos will continue to make disposable masks available at no charge to Team Members and Guests.

Special Note: Any Team Member or Guest who is symptomatic of the coronavirus, COVID-19 & variants, the Flu or the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) are REQUIRED to wear a mask while at an NNGE facility.

Team Member Screening by Independent Medical Services Firm

Effective on Friday, January 20, 2023, Team Member screening and testing by AB Healthcare will NO longer be conducted upon entrance or re-entry to the facility.

Social Distancing

Previous Public Health Emergency Orders were issued in July 2022 which increased the operating capacity of the casinos to 100% from 75%. However, at that time the mask-wearing mandate was preserved. Therefore, the plexiglass dividers that were installed between slot machines, table games players & dealers, cashier stations at the casino cage & in restaurant & retail outlets, as well as in other back-of-house & other high-traffic areas, were kept in place. Now that the optional mask-wearing mandate has been approved & implemented, the NNGE will begin removing plexiglass across most or all of the locations across the casino.

Workplace Safety Plan Components that Remain UNCHANGED

As part of this strategy to ease COVID-19 protocols & restrictions in a phased, controlled manner, the following safety measures remain in place unchanged:

On-Site Vaccination Clinics

The Enterprise will continue to schedule and host on-site vaccination clinics for Team Members on a periodic basis. The program will include coronavirus vaccines and boosters, flu and pneumonia shots, as well as other vaccines for certain common viruses and illness based on public health indicators.

Cleaning Protocols

The Enterprise will continue to execute regular and timely cleaning protocols throughout the operations of front-of-house and back-of-house areas.

Use of Fogging Machines for Deep-Sanitization

In the event a case of COVID-19 or a variant is detected within one of the NNGE facilities, a special cleaning crew will be dispatched to use fogging machines for deep sanitization of the exposed area(s). These machines dispense special cleaning solutions using a fog or mist that covers all hard-to-reach places where viral cells could be present.

ActivePure Technology Air Purification Systems

The NNGE made a million-dollar investment in ActivePure Technology, an air purification system that uses a harmless, naturally-occurring oxidation process for destroying viral and bacterial cells that are airborne or surface-based and have been tested by independent environmental sciences laboratories which verified that the purified air is significantly cleaner and safer to breathe. These systems remain installed within all gaming facilities and are subject to regular professional maintenance performed by certified technicians.

Non-Smoking Facilities

In accordance with Navajo law, no smoking or tobacco usage is permitted indoors at any NNGE Facility. Special Smoking Patios are being constructed and equipped with amenities and seating to allow patrons to enjoy a tobacco product in a specially-designated outdoor area.

Hand-Sanitizer Dispensers

Dispensers of hand sanitizer will continue to be available throughout the public areas of each NNGE casino facility on an ongoing basis.

Team Member and Guest Communication

Any changes or updates to the Workplace Safety Plan will continue to be incorporated in writing into the amended plan and disseminated to all impacted parties.