Colleen Acque

Executive Administrative Assistant

For Colleen Acque, the best part of working as Executive Administrative Assistant for Fire Rock Navajo Casino is the celebrations.

“I am most proud of helping the leadership team with all employee events such as summer bash, Christmas party, BBQ events and setting up the leadership team retreat,” Acque said.

Acque is from Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico. Her clans are Bitch’kwe and child of Dowa’kwe.

She attended Santa Fe Indian School in Santa Fe, New Mexico. After she graduated from high school, she attended UNM Gallup Branch and received a certificate in Business Administration. After a one-year break, she returned to college and attended National American University where she received an associate degree in Travel and Airline/Hospitality Program.

“Having a higher education has helped me with my current job and the position I am in as an Executive Administrative Assistant,” Acque said. “I am continuing my education to obtain my bachelor’s degree in business administration at National American University. I hope to complete my degree program in 2025.”

Her first job with Navajo Gaming was as a Cage Supervisor.

“I worked during the grand opening with only eight staff members in the department,” she said. “It was hectic, but we all had fun.”

In her current position, Acque said she enjoys working with the General Manager, Directors/Managers, and the NNGE Executive Team.

“The top skills I have learned are effective communication, time management, and working effectively with the leadership team,” she said. “My top mentors are the NNGE team members. The management team is available to assist and they continue to have open communication with all employees.” She said she is thrilled to make it to 15 years with Navajo Gaming.

“I am proud to be part of the team and proud to have a job with Navajo Gaming,” said Acque. “Once I obtain my bachelor’s degree in business administration, I hope to move on up to a management position.

“My advice to our new team members is to enjoy your job and enjoy the benefits that Navajo Gaming is offering to all employees. There are also many opportunities available with Navajo Gaming, continue your education to accomplish your career goal.”